Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday?

Do you remember this movie?
Oh my gosh I thought I Kris Kristofferson was the cutest thing ever! I think its his fault to this day that my radio is always on the country channel! (Well I also have blame Trace Atkins) But this movie was one I am sure I have seen to many times to count. And I always love listening to Barbra Streisand. Her voice is so amazing. Oh if you really want a good Christmas album Barbra's is one of my faves! Sometimes it just nice to watch the old ones and remember how your heart would sing as Kris sang!!!


I thought this was a cute and easy gift idea.
 And it looks so Christmas-y with the red bow.
We always need easy gift ideas especially at the last minute!
you can pick these up at any grocery store.. Sparkling cider...yum!

Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

I love this movie and with watching all the christmas movies you can't leave this one out. I love looking at the clothes and the homes too.


What do You Mean......

I have to be good for Santa to come .....
all the time!?!!

Warm Toes!

Done with my warm toes socks!
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Baby Its Cold Outside

Since it's cold outside I am inside knitting warm socks!

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What's For Dinner?

Fancy Noodle Bake is what's dinner. We are having a Harry Potter weekend. I am getting my grandsons on Friday so we can watch the last Harry Potter so Saturday when we go to the show we will remember what happened last. So we have to have something yummy both kids and adults will love. Well this recipe is it. It is something the kids will gobble down but has a bit of a fancier flare adults will love it! So give it a try and see what you think.

Fancy Noodle Bake
1 lb. hamburger

Mix with hamburger;
2 to 3 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp. salt
dash of pepper
1 tsp. sugar
2 small cans tomato sauce

1 16 oz package noodles

Mix together;
1 chopped onion (sweet Vidalia)
1 8 oz package cream cheese at room temp.
1 cup sour cream

Arrange in 9 X 13 buttered pan. 1 row of noodles, cream cheese and meat mixture, repeat 1 more row. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


Finishing Finally

I am quilting a quilt I finally finished. It is so nice to get it finished. It is all quilted I just need to bind it now. Can't wait to hang it.
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New Toy

This is my new Toy!
I am so excited to chop & shread!

What To Do Today

No blogging lately because I have been sick..but now I am better and ready to get busy! First thing is I want to do is cook. I know that sounds weird but when you are sick you really don't want to prepare food for everyone else in fear they will get sick too. So Today I am cooking and baking...hhuuummm...What shall I make....I think I will Make Chicken pot pies...oh and bread...I love the smell of homemade bread when its baking.....what else....I just have to see what the day brings....
Hope you have a great day too!

Happy Halloween!

This is a family tradition at our home to watch this movie every year.
We just love it! 1 year we are going to dress up as the sisters for halloween.
What is your halloween tradition?

Ready to Start!

I am ready to start on a quilt for a Christmas present.....well right after I find some chocolate.
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You Have Got to See...

I missed showing you a clip on Tuesday and after seeing this last night I couldn't wait until Tuesday. This was such a good movie and had a really good story. It was even worth paying full price and not matinee prices. I love Mary Louise Parker and the whole role she plays. Bruce Willis is always excellent as an action hero....oh my gosh the whole cast was perfect... you have got to go see this show.


Working On...

Here is what I am working on....I think it needs a cup of tea on 1 arm and a stack of books on the other ...
Still thinking.... Sorry the picture is a little blurry...but the next one will be better. Soon as I figure out what to add...

Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

This time the teaser is the trailer...
You will so want to go out and rent this movie or if you have it watch it again.
There is nothing better than to grab your favorite quilt, cup of tea (french vanilla is the best) and a box a tissues! What a great night!!!

So Cute!

I was so excited!
This is the newest addition to my dress form collection!
I got this from Brandon and Lani.
It was the perfect gift!
Thank You!

Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

I love Sleepless in Seattle!
And Meg Ryan is always one of my favs!
And what would you do if you answered the phone and it was the radio
 wanting to ask you personal questions....I would die!

I love movies! Especially happy heart movies. But alot of the time some of my favorites are because of the background...what I mean is ....the town, the scenery and/or the houses. Mostly the houses. Well I found the best blog....

This blog is done by Julia and she had all kinds of picture of homes. She has movie Star's home, homes and movie homes. You just have to stop by....but you will want a cup of tea and alot of time because you won't move...
Here are a few of my favorites from her blog. But you will have to stop by to figure out who they belong to ...if you don't recognized them:

I love the sink and the dish holder

I am packing for my visit now...

So Cute!

I love the walls and I keep telling my husband just how beautiful that would look in my house

I love this stove...can't you hear the tea kettle....

Is that cup of tea ready...swing on by a have fun Dreaming....


I Love Making Dish Towels!

 I Love making dish towels. These are one of my very favorite things to make. I find all the fun patterns for quilts and put them on my towels.

 You always start with the flower sack towels. I like these best because if you iron them, fold in half and try with a bow it looks for pretty for giving away. (You will see at the bottom of this post.)

 On this batch of towels I decided I really didn't want to stitch the letters that I wanted above the design. So I used my computer and made iron ons. I did the same thing with my blog logo and put it on the back corner. They look just like I do this all the time.....LOL

Next I love to crochet the bottoms just to make them a little more special. And it gives me something to do when we are watching a movie.

I like to do the first row on some with white
so it blends in and then the colors look like lace.

And its always fun to use more than 1 color! Now just tie with a ribbon and slide a wooden spoon in and you are done. I would give the pickle one with a jar of my pickled veggies.

This one you could give with a mixing bowl and all the makings for a cake.

This one could go with a bag of corn from "Farmer's Market".

 With a Dinner for a sick friend.

I just LOVE to make dish Towels!


Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

Divine Secrets of the Ya - Ya Sisterhood
This is one of my favorite movies. It was on TV  Monday night and I hadn't seen in a long time. It was so fun to watch it again. My husband didn't agree. But he did stay and watch it so it must not have been to bad. I loved watching the friendship these women have. And the things they will do for each other. I love the opening and the end where they let the daughter join their club. And everything in the middle too! This is just the best movie! But who doesn't love a movie that has Sandra Bullock in it.



We love Giveaways...don't we girls! Stop on over to:
and see what all the fun is about!

New Project

This is what I have been working one.
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Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

Makes you want to shopping right?
There are alway commericals...


YoYo Mama's

It was my turn at club to do the lesson and so mine was a gift idea.
With Christmas right around the corner I thought a homemade
dish towel and a tin of cookies with the recipe would be a fun and easy gift idea.
 This is the dish I did with rick rack sewn on the bottom and crocheting
on the bottom of the rick rack. I decided to make a kits for the
girls so they could make their own.
 I love doing things like this !
 My husband thinks that since I love to make labels it was just a good excuse.
Then I could put one on the cookie tin. LOL If you could see the bottom
you could see my label....

This was looking in the cookie tin.
Inside is a dish towel, thread, needle, recipe card,
picture of the dish towel, pattern and chocolate. When I was little  my Mom did her stitching on dish towels to pillow cases and I would help her by being the winder. You only needed the winder when you needed to start a strand of floss. We would use match book cardboard  to wind the floss to and we would write the floss # on the top. So  if you look into the above picture you can see my version of the floss winder. I did use my blog logo for the top. hehehe


Tied up with ribbon and a cookie cutter added.
This was so much fun for me.
I loved thinking of what I do for my turn.
I really enjoy this club and the talented ladies in it.

We always always do show and tell and this is Judy's!
We as a group were doing this quilt and Judy is one of the few
women I know that always finishes and quickly.
She always does the most beautiful job too!

  A better view.

Lucy did this one!
 It was darling!
This one has a pocket on the back with clothes to dress the dolls....so cleaver!

Pat had 3...she was a very busy woman!!!This class just ended!!
I do have all the kits...

So much work! And such a beautiful job!
I am so jealous I wish mine was done...

This was even prettier in person.

I told you she was busy.

This is Becky and she even had stitching on hers.

I forgot to take a picture of the refreshments....
Pat brought cookies and fried ice cream....so yummy! Now you can see why
I love going to club....very talented and fun women!
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