Best Wishes!

Doesn't Kate look beautiful! 
Yes I watched the wedding and recorded it. 
Had to do the recording since I kept falling asleep. 
I did have tea while watching so I could fell a part of the whole thing. 
It looked like England is the place to be today. Could you believe how many people were along the streets and at the parks. I was watching and wishing the minute
 Prince William proposed to Kate I had bought a ticket to England. 
I  can't imagine a better place to be today. It looks so fun!


I was watching "Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil" and getting very home sick for Savannah Georgia. I love Savannah! I really think I am a southern girl at heart.

You can buy this statue for you Garden on River Street...
Just an FYI...

This is the "Olde Pink House" and its haunted...
as is most of Savannah. I think when I die if I haven't moved there before
Thats the place I am going.

Its so beautiful if you get to go there when the azaleas are in bloom.

Parks are everywhere and you really don't need a car if you stay downtown.

I could just move right in....
can't you just see me sipping tea on that porch!

I'd even be a nice neighbor and invite Paula over....
See I would fit right in.


Cake Mix Cookies

These are the easiest cookie! I got the recipe from Julie at Quilt Club Wednesday. So easy she just told me, I drove home and made them. So here's the recipe: 1 box chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs and 1/3 cup oil. Mix together and add you choice chocolate chips and or mint chips and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees.
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I love Polka Dots!

Yes I am a QVC junkie!
I don't mean to be ....
it just happened one night when nothing else was on....
200 dollars late I was hooked!
Look how cute this baking dish is!
and it came with 2 smaller ones, lids, 
wire racks to serve in and a carrying case....
that matches!!!
See and if you look toward the back a cute round air tight 
sealing lid for my salt.
Oh and the big guy David....
he has his own kitchen show on wednesday and sundays.....
I record it....
the lady who sells the dishes has a cookbook too!
Hot Recipes in Cool Dishes by Tara!
Stop by my other blog 
And you can see the yummy recipe from this book for 
Corn Dog Casserole
My  grandkids loved it!
The dishes are called "Temp-tations" presentable ovenware
oh my gosh.....
I really do think I need all of the line....
check it out.....if you dare....just remember it habit forming!!!


Getting Ideas!

My Doll house arrived! 
And I was a little over whelmed when I started read the directions on how to assemble it. 
Well... I almost started to cry....there are a MILLION pieces....maybe even 2 MILLION...
 and you have to do it the right order....oh my gosh....
My husband came to the rescue!!!! Yeah!! 
What a great guy! I really am going to keep him!
So now that he will put it together....I am now thinking of how to decorate it. 
So I picked up the above book.... so many cute ideas.....One of my girl friends told me there are miniature magazines ....hhuummm I am sure I need one of those too.  
This is going to be so fun! 
This book really does have some cute Ideas! And you can get it at amazon too!


Worth Listening Too

~♥JJ Heller - What Love Really Means (Official Music Video)♥~

I was over at and she had the video on her post and I loved it. Such a pretty song and JJ Heller has a beautiful voice. Listen and see what you think.

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