Where Would You LOVE to Sew Today?

Its getting cold outside and I am thinking I finished a quilt this week so
now I want to sit and stitch. SO we aren't going to a sewing room today
We are going to a room designed by one of my favorite designers
Beverly Ellsley and she has a website at:
When I am rich I will have her do my house. So until then
we will just sew in all the pretty rooms I find.
So today I am going to work on a stocking from
Shepherds Bush:
I need to make 1 for my youngest grandson.
I have been doing their stockings for years
and after I do his I am caught up.

This is their newest one and the one I am doing for
Maybe I will bring my laptop and surf too at that 
wonderful desk.
Well see you next time I have to go don't want to be late....


Kari is Having A Give Away!

Kari Ramsay is have the best give away ....
you really need to hop over and enter!
Its at:
And I just found out and it ends soon so HURRY!
She also has a great fabric line!
Check her out...

Scrappy Makes Me Happy!

Our "YoYo Mama's club meets at Material Girls Quilt shop
once a month and we have been trading strips of 30's fabric.
I looked and look thu all my books trying to decide
what I was going to make with them and I found a pattern in
one of the month magazines. And It is made from 2 1/2 strips.

This was a nice and easy quilt but I think from all the
strips we collected I can make 2 more quilts. the
above picture is my starting to make them
into blocks and I sewed them into strips after that.

I was thinking oh my gosh what an UGLY Quilt!
But when I got this far it wasn't too bad.

Its all quilted and I am now binding it.
So stay tuned for the finished pictures.
My picture looked clearer at 3 in the morning.


Where Would You Love to Sew Today!

I don't feel like doing to much today I just want to sit in a
comfy chair and stitch.
So I am going over to
and sit in her chair...I love looking at the pictures on her blog too!
Since it is October I can watch "Hocus Pocus"
sip a cup of "french Vanilla" tea.
 I will bring a quilt in case its cold to hug up in.
I think I will stitch....

Pattern is over at Etsy:

Sipping tea makes me think of stitching tea cups.
 I give this dish towel to my girlfriends with a
packaged of my favorite tea and a pretty cup.
My favorite tea I get from Savannah Georgia at
The Tea Room.
Its French Vanilla and they have these great tea
pockets. you can order online at:
They have a hug selection of teas.
If you can ever go there make sure to make time to
have lunch here. So fun!

Where Would you Love to Sew Today?

Doesn't this look so inviting...
I want to just sit and look at quilting books....

Look how organized!

Ok I am not going home! You need to stop by
Its a wonderful blog! After seeing her craft room
did you think it would be anything else.
Ok what would I sew.....
I think i would just curl up in that blanket and
stitch one of my dish towel...

You can see the pattern at:

Maybe I will stay long enough to do 2.....

So Cute!

I Have to smile at how cute these two are! 
They have been outside running and running
 and they ran right inside, laid on the rug and 
we're  out in 2 minutes. 


New Patterns!

This is my newest Pattern!
You have seen this on my blog before and 
I finally got around to making the pattern.
I think this has to be one of my favorites!
You can see it at:

This cute apron pattern can be done 
either by all stitching or applique and stitching.
It is so cute either way. 
All of my patterns come with a family tested recipe.
You can see this at:

This old fashion scale is the perfect picture to stitch 
on a dish towel.
 It has that feel of comfort that
 we got going into our Grandma's kitchen.
  And the recipe that comes with it is so good 
 they want seconds for sure. 
So stop by and see! 
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