It's Almost Time

It's almost time for the....

The Red White and Blue Blog Hop

This all starts

JULY 1st

I will post the participants and their links for you every day of the Hop.

Make sure you ring a ding  up your 
friends to hop  on over!

It is being hosted by Jane over at



Its a Beautiful Day outside and I have a million 
things to do...
I don't want to do any of them...
I think I am going to open the blinds and the window
and sit and stitch in my favorite chair.
What are your plans for today?

The Best Text Message!

I laughed so hard....
I feel like that every day when I get to work!

Monday Redwork

I know I am really slow at getting this group of patterns done...
But I did take a break and got to go to Florida with my Husband...
now back to life....LOL....
But here is Monday!
I have Tuesday and Wednesday ready to stitch on the dish towels.
And the rest of the week drawn up so hopefully 
my Husband will help me stitch and get them done.
Hint.. Hint...Hint...

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