Taking The Hotel With Us!

We decided as"Empty Nester's" we needed new a trailer. 
Now we can go glamping with our own Hotel room.
Yes we still have the Vintage trailer.... 
But a bathroom, air conditioning and microwave are pretty nice!

This is the front.

This is the back.

This is what pops out the back!

The Kitchen ...

From both views, nice and bright.

The bedroom....and it has a door.
We also have a bathroom with a shower!

So excited and we have been out 2 times already.
I have been amazed at everything there is to learn. 
We only used the vintage one at my brother-in-laws
property. And now going into the other canyons we 
are trying to figure out the passes....and we had no idea we had 
to make reservations. Lots to learn... who knew....
Oh it only took 2 trips out in the "hotel" to figure out we needed 
a generator....hahaha
Love it!


Make a Dish Matt..... What?

Ok I am up for anything and the girls at "Clothes Line Club" 
decided for our Christmas exchange this year we would exchange 
Dish Matts....Now I knew about Mug Rugs and I have made several
of those but a Dish Matt...I had no idea.
They sit next to your sink for you to put the dishes you rinse 
off on them. And I knew mine had to be something I would really 
use. SO I got on line and starting looking ....
I wasn't really finding anything I liked ....
And I really had to have it be something I want to do in order for me to 
join in the fun. And then I found:

Since the ones I did see on line had a terry cloth back ground, 
this would be perfect!
And it is!! I was so excited and I knew this was something I 
could work with. Now it needed to be simple but cute.
Of Course!
There is a brown stitched edge on it already so I just started 
single crocheting into that edge. Then I chained 5and singled crochet
 in the 4 single crochet. repeating all the way around. 
Then single crocheted 2 times in the loops and chained 3 then 2 more single crochets. 
I did this in each loop all the way around. Easy Peasy!

See the chain 3 makes a little loop too.

Now I could have left it like that I liked it fine but this 
is for an exchange....I will be making a few until I get 
one I really like to give away. But to start this one will look 
so cute in the new trailer.

Next I did the stems and leaves sewing them down with 
the basket stitch on my sewing machine. The the Yoyo 
flowers were made with the large orange yoyo maker. 
A large button is stitched in the center of the yoyo to hold
it in place. I used the crochet thread to sew on the button and
I doubled it and did a running stitch around the edge. 
My thinking is it is a small touch that makes it look like it took 
longer to make.

I love these dish matts! I got mine at Walmart but I did see them at 
Target and Kohl's too.

So easy and I think they are going to be a very fun exchange!

I think I will be rinsing a lot more so I can use it.

Using Yoyo's gave it just the perfect simple look!
If you in the Clothes Line Club don't be thinking 
this is the one I am making I have 9 more matts I bought 
to figure it out. Hahahahaha so it will still be a


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

It time for the Winner(s)! 
And I am sure there 
is a chicken recipe in here....
Drum Roll..

 Blogger Donna said...
I follow you on FB!
July 18, 2012 2:18 AM
                                     Make sure in your email to say you won 
the cook book
 (Because of the bottom posting)
Please Send your address to me at:

Also Everyone who left a comment
 I will send you the pattern to the Flag Block
So everyone is a Winner!

The pattern isn't all the way done so it will take me a few 
days to get it out to you and Yes it will come with a recipe too!
So send me your email address to the the above address.
It will come in PDF format right to your in box!


Mug Rug

Didn't this turn out so cute...I didn't make it Pat did!
She has a shop on Etsy and sells them all done. 
I think she does beautiful work. I don't have time to 
Sew and sell, just sell the patterns but I was Happy when Pat 
asked if she could.
You can see her Mug Rug at:
Stop by and say I sent you!


Few More...

Few more dish towels ready for stitching...
few more days until the giveaway drawing...
Tuesday night I will draw the winner!


My Turn And A Giveaway!

This was so fun to come up with a block for the Blog hop.
I did want one that I could use different ways so you have 
to stop by again to see what else I did with my block.
I did do 2 but this was my favorite one.

Its a Star Flower done with applique, stitching and yo-yos.
This was so fun to watch come together. 
And who doesn't like to make yo-yos.

This is my other block:

Machine appliqued and then a running stitch.
Just in time for the 24th!

Now for the fun...
I am giving away a copy of
Quilter's Cookbook!

This cookbook was designed 
with the quilter in mind. 
The cover is an applique pattern 
that is included inside.
 It has patterns for a revers able apron, 
several dish towels,
 and a darling gingerbread girl picture.
 This book is also full of quilting hints, 
measurements, and cooking hints.
 All of the recipes are easy to follow and it has a lot of 
crock pot recipes to give you more time for quilting!

To get in on the drawing:

* leave a comment for 1 entry

* add me to your blog roll for 1 more entry

* Join Busyascanbe on Facebook for 1 more entry
(click link at top)

Make sure I have a way to contact you since I know 
you will be the 

So now stop by the others:
July 16th

Thank you so much to Madame Samm
and Jane for doing such a fun hop and 
letting me join in the fun.


Holds What I Need!

This is my red work sewing kit. I love it and it fits right
into my sewing bag. I also love how those cute little
scissors you see at all of the quilt shops, they fit into
it perfectly.
 I found this time at Target for a dollar.
I wish I had of bought more because would they
make the sweetest sewing kits for girl friends!
Sometimes I don't like hindsight!
I make the thread holder with my computer and I
made a bunch for the girls in my sewing group a
while back. You can do the with cute scrapbook paper too.
 But that's an easy idea to.
I love sewing kits!


Sneak Peek...

I am working on my blocks for the blog hop and decided 
I would use rework in mine. 
I hope you have had a chance to stop by the blogs on the hop,
there have been some of the cutest ideas and darling blocks!
I have 1 block done now working on 1 more...
Cross your fingers for me that it works out....
it did in my head.....hehehe


July 9th

July 11th
Nancy R

If you are feeling like a refreshing drink 
Stop by my other blog for the recipe...


Getting Ready!

Yes I am getting ready for my day....
Its not until the 16th...
but you know after seeing all the wonderful blocks everyone is doing
I have to redo...I really mean it ....have you been hopping ....
what a bunch of talented women.
I even thought of bribing a few of my talented friends...
but then again I can do it....
I really can....at least I am hoping....
You will have to stop by and see if I make ....
I will give you a hint.....
mine will be Red White and Blue....
and I might throw in some yellow.
Here is the schedule for the 7th & 8th...

July 7th


Day 5!


Next Day of Blog Hopping!

The Red White Blue Blog Hop

This has been a fun blog hop so far so lets keep going!

Blog Hop Has Begun!

The Red White Blue Blog Hop has begun!
Today's schedule....

Have fun hopping!!!

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