Cabin Fever Retreat!

This was where we spent time sewing and having a great time at Cabin Fever Retreat!

There was plenty of room, food and friends!

Diana went with me and I was so glad ...
we had a blast!

There were women for all over and were sewing all different kinds of things.
We were a little jealous of the weekend bags...

this couch was so comfy

1st quilt I worked on.

Everyone was so busy.

One of the fun make it and take it.

2nd quilt I worked on.

Time was over too soon, Diana and Cheryl as we back up.

Out the back window...

Our Hostess Emily from:

Yes that is a slide!

Some play pool on this but a quilter...

Our room.
This was such a fun retreat I am hoping Emily does it again! Everything about this retreat was perfect! The food was amazing and all of the women were so nice. I am looking forward to the next one!


New Gingerbread Pattern

I love making Gingerbread patterns.
This is my newest one hot off Kelly's needle.
He just finished stitching it for me and the pattern is now on my Etsy Shop:

If you are going to the 

 CABIN FEVER Quilt Retreat

Don't order one...hint ...hint
I am packing for that retreat and can't wait! 
So my next post will be all about that retreat!
So see you in a few days!


The "New" Pine Needles" Quilt Shop

Pine Needles has moved to a new shop but at the same site.
Gardner Village
Its bigger and beautiful! 
I was very excited for the girls moving to such a fun new site.
Its spacious, inviting and decorated so darling!
This will definitely make them a much more sot after shop.

Take a look at just what a fun shop this is.
Pine Needles has always been a great shop but now 
with more space, sun light and room to grow they will be the shop 
every quilter will need to visit.

I love all the colors.

Displays are all darling and its worth the stop just to see their 

Something to look at everywhere you turn.

I got so caught up in how cute the shop is I was looking at all the displays 
and forgot what color fabric I was there for.

Cute chair and how fun are those pillows.

There are cute signs everywhere I am sure I need 1 of each.

The magazine article about them. 
I am sure that magazine will be back to write about the new location.

Every nook and window seal is a spot worth taking your time to see.

Yes they still do all those stitchery's and the 
displays will have you wanting to do them all.

I always love their frames too!

Cutest counter!

Don't forget what you came for ....

Baby room...

See all the bright colors and there really is a lot of fun fabric choices too.

Who wouldn't want these fun girls helping them in such a fun shop.

I love the chevron fabrics.

They are now right across from the main building now.
If you stop by you won't be sorry but make sure you have the time 
because once you are in the door you won't want to leave. 
Its like blog land ...before you know 2 hours will have gone by.

I love Pin Cushions

I just don't think you can have to many 
Pin Cushions!
I decided I just felt like a new one, so I made one today.

Lace and crocheting had to be on it.

Well and why not a button.
I love buttons on things too.

Now the bad thing about having a lot of pin cushions means you need a lot of pins....
I always forget to buy more of those.
I always want to get the really cute ones until I see the price...

Ok I have to go, I think I need a needle keeper  now...
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