Sewing Saturday

I was playing with my new embroidery machine and I almost have a new dish towel figured out.
I love days when you can just play and make what ever you want. I do think this will work I just need to make the square a bit bigger so the slit is even with the corners.
So I am on to make another one!

Time To Stitch

I am starting my Christmas stitching.
I love making dish towels and this is one of my favorite patterns, so it will be the first pattern for gifts this year. And I am going to give this one with a bottle of Apple Pie Filling.
Gifts from and for the kitchen are my favorites to give.
My Etsy Shop is where you can find it.

This is the 2nd one to stitch and you can find it at:
Wouldn't this be great in a gift basket with the stuff to make your favorite cookies.
I love starting my holiday gifts.


Yes I Am Addicted!

This is a terrible game!  Just when you think you can quit playing, you run out of lives and want more!!! 
I have been on some levels that were hard and some that were easy and some I didn't like playing. But I always keep playing.
I have been competing with a girl friend and have been waking up when I know she is asleep just to beat her!!!
I would go to Candy Crush Rehab but they would make me quit....
I really don't want to...


Almost Finished!

I am almost finished with Lori Holt's pattern "Mixing It Up".
I think this is a darling pattern.

I loved making this one ...just couldn't decide on colors!

I did think it needed to have a black mixer ....
that's what color the one my mother had when I was growing up was.
But this quilt really reminds me of my sister Becky, 
I have never know anyone who uses their mixer as much as her or 
anyone who has worn out as many as her.
I really want some of her cookies!
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