No Snow

With everyone talking about all the snow they got I looked out the window and I have to say I am glad I don't have any. I know it looks beautiful but you have to shovel it, drive in it and let the wet dog in after being out in it. So I am glad No Snow!

Lori's Instagram Sew {Fun} Along

If you haven't join Lori Holt's Sew Along over on Instagram
then you are missing out!

Can't Stop Eating....

These are the best crackers EVER!
I was trying to find something not sweet to take to a retreat I am going to and decided to try these out on my husband. If they past though him then I know the ladies will like them.
And he has made several trip back and forth to the bowl.
So Winner Winner.

Dresden Fun

I was having so much fun quilting last week.
Dresdens!! I love making them.
Using Lori Holt's thimble rulers make it easy.

I Heart Dish Towels

Dish towels have to be my very favorite to make.
Everyone loves them.
I like making them so that makes them easy.

Adding Trim

Kelly added trim to cupboard...
The top rail and the bottom 2 scallops.
I just love it. I think it makes the cupboard look less store bought.
I am loving my new sewing room.

Making Bags

I searched and searched all over Youtube for an easy pattern to make a new Make Up Bag and this is my first bag to try.
You see there are several different tutorials and I couldn't decide which one to do, so I am going to try a few patterns.

Love It!

My sewing room is done except for the unpacking will take years.
Stop by my other blog to see:

Sewing Room Decorating

Having so much fun decorating my new sewing room!
I am so glad I could use my Dress Form collection too!
I will share more in a few days!

Sneek Peek

  1. Pick out paint....check
  2. Painted......check
  3. Floor......Check
  4. moldings......check
  5. Shelf the length of room.....check
  6. Pictures hung.....check
  7. long arm set up....check
  8. Sewing machine in room.....check
  9. shelves in closet....check
  10. Ironing board on wall.....check
  11. unpack a million boxes of fabric, kits, supplies etc.......No I think it will take longer than all of the above......sniff sniff


Getting There

Sewing Curtains for my sewing room today.
To see progress stop by 

I got the valance hung and the side curtains now working on tie backs.


Waiting for a Call

Isn't this the cutest phone.
I don't even mind it has a cord!
And the ring is so fun, I just love
it when it rings.

Laundry Quilt

I love this quilt and was sad I couldn't find a place to hang it.
My Laundry room wall was to small and then it hit me....
Hang it on the wall out side the Laundry room!
So it is now where you come in from the side door and the first thing I see.
Love it!

In a Cottage in the Woods

This is my other blog I started as a my adventures living and remodeling our home on San Juan Island.

Office Glam

Every office needs a little Glam!


My Baby....

My Baby got married this last weekend.
I can't believe she is so grown up, but she is.
We are so happy for Bethany and Chuck they make the cutest couple.

Sewing Room Curtains

I ordered these for the under curtains (sides) and I am making a valance. I think with
the line called "She who Sews' by Janet Wecker Frisch I can make a cute one with:

I am getting to excited to get my new sewing room done.


New Sewing Room

Finally found it!
I looked everywhere and I finally found the flooring for my new sewing room!
I am so exited! I am doing the room with fabric by J. Wecker Frisch and I can't wait to get started.
I bought a few of her prints to hang on the wall too!
      I am using the button fabric to cover my ironing/pressing table.
I have a ton of fabric so I can't wait to get started!

Moving Fun

I haven't been posting because so busy getting our new place ready to move into.
When you move from the suburbs to the country there is a lot to learn. 
Septic systems, wells, animals, ponds and never forget stinging needles.
We are re carpeting, painting and general remodeling. 
Took a break and this is a picture of our back yard. 
We have a lot of deer and I am learning which flowers they will and won't eat. LOL
I will be so glad to be done and moved in!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you a "sew" happy day!
I am enjoying mine sewing away!

Dish Towels in the Making

I love making dish towels.
I even like embroidering the edges.

Flying in the San Juans

I have the best job ever. I not only live in Paradise,
but I get to fly to other islands.

Stitching Spring

I am so ready for it to be warm. I am thinking if I stitch something spring it will get here that much quicker.
So what could be more spring than flowers in watering cans.
These are 2 of the 4 patterns I have, and I just love stitching them.


This is Henry.
Our new puppy.
Hes a Mini Golden-doodle.

He's just a ball of fluff!

He loves his toys and riding around in the car.
I am so excited we got him.
He is the cutest puppy and will only get to be 15 LBS.
He also has no idea he is so

Shopping in Bothell

I found the cutest Fabric shop EVER in Bothell Washington.
It is in a shopping center full of darling shops.
They were featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine.

If you ever get to go there you won't be sorry.
And they have So many bolts it hard to choose form.
And patterns ....oh my the patterns.
Stop by there site and look around.

One Down....

One block down and 8 to go!
I can do it!
I am just taking my time and doing this quilt inbetween quilts.
I am going to use scraps from the quilts I am working on and do this one.


Pincushion Done!!

I love this pincushion. 
Mostly because my Husband stitched it.
He stitches and I sew. I love that combination!!

What to Make?

I went shopping and found this darling line!
I liked it so much but now what to make....

Stitching Up Snowmen A to Zzzzz

Kelly finished another block.
I wish I stitched as fast and as perfect as my Husband!!
Last week I took him to Shepherd's Bush!
He got new needles and a few more kits to stitch up for me!!
Right now he is stitching up a new pattern.
Knowing him it will be done before I get the pattern done.

I Love Shepherd Bush!

We came to Salt Lake last week and we had to stop at Shepherd Bush in Ogden.
This is one of my very favorite shops of all time.
And the girls are so sweet and helpful.

Found My 2014 Word

I have been stewing and stewing for days over what my word for 2014 would be... I just couldn't decide, it was a hard choice and I decided after all of my new adventures and all the beautiful scenery I want to continue enjoying, appreciating and experiencing my adventure, so my word is Prosper.
My Grand Daughter Zayla made my picture!
She did a great  job!

This is Zayla and my cute stitching Husband Kelly.
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