Happy Girls!

             These girls are always so happy! 
                    I love watching them!

Easy Fast Coasters

This coaster is so easy peasy you won't believe it.
I was at a retreat and one of the girls showed us how to do
these. I thought they would be a great idea to make with kids 
and great for all the online swaps we do.
Great Stash buster too.

I Love Making Vinyl bags

I love making vinyl bags and I have several little
stitcheries I couldn't decide what to do with. So I decide to add them to my bags.

Sewing Fun

I am almost finished with this Cozy Cottage Quilt.

Clothespin Bag is A Must!!

In making a clothes pin bag there are a few rules.

Fresh From the Garden


I love having fresh produce from the garden!

I think tomatoes are my favorite.


Cute Clothesline Alert!


Stop over at my other blog to see my new



Goody Goody Sew Along

Did you see the fun Sew Along that The Fatquarter Shop is doing?

I Love A Cute Bag

I decide I need to make a new bag so I searched the Internet for a free pattern...
I finally found one at
ReannaLily Designs

Recipe Alert

I just posted this yummy recipe over on my other blog
so if you wasnt to try and easy and yummy dessert stop by at:
Hope you have a great day!


Retreat P1

I just came back from the Lori Holt
Farm Girl Vintage Retreat
Sponsored by
Thimbles and Threads Quilt Shop.
I had the best time!

The Mallory's

This is new newest addition to our farm.
The Mallory's
Yep I know they should all have their own names but....
I can't tell them apart.

Pincushion Fun

I love pincushions! And it seems the little extras 
are what really adds that special touch.
And a cute button and a charm is one of my 
favorite touches.

Block 1 Farm Girl Fun!

As you can see I have my fabric all ready and stored in
my One Hour Basket!

Joining in the Fun!!

Just who could resist joining in on all the fun!
Not Me...I am sew in!

My Favorite Bag

This is my favorite all time bag!
Mine is the Bionic Gear Bag and I love it!

"Farm Girl Vintage" Fun

I am dying to get started making things from Lori's new book
Farm Girl Vintage
So I am doing a mini quilt for above my stove. 
Dipping my toe in the pond to test it out!

Are You Ready for Some Sewing Fun!

Lori from Bee In My Bonnet is doing another "Sew Along".
This one is called Flower Box Sew Along.

Go Baby!

I bought a Go Baby with this cute bag and have never used it.
Can you believe it....
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