Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Living

This is my Cousin  Natalie Adamson Gildersleeve and Lyf Gildersleeve at their family business Flying Fish- Sustainable Seafood- Oregon.
And She is Part of Yoga Union . And loves teaching yoga.

Natalie lives her life to not only be happy but healthy.
 And she works hard to bring this to her family. She teaches them good eating habits and is always out doors enjoying and exercising.
Natalie is trying to win a scholarship to Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems.
 It would be an absolute dream of hers  to pursue this passion. 
She made a video  for the contest and can win if she gets enough votes
Please stop by and vote by clicking below :
and LIKE Natalie Gidersleeve's Video!
Natalie's page
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