Retreats Are The Best

I started the drive to the retreat with a Starbucks coffee!
That tells me I was off to a great start!!

Stash Buster Done!

I just sewed on the binding for this fun to make
stash buster Pineapple block quilt.
I loved making it and Creative Grid rulers are the best.
 I used their pineapple one.

Planners are Habit Forming


Isn't this the most darling planner ever!
I have no idea what I am going to use it for .....
But isn't it darling!!
I knew when I saw it on Instagram from @Sundaydots
that I needed it bad.
I have several thoughts but I haven't decided what to use it for yet.
I sure I will figure it out.
Addicted to Planners!

Quilty Friends


Its getting close to Christmas so if you need an idea for your quilty friends
a pincushion is always a good idea.

Have a Great Day

May your Day be filled with sunshine and Surprises!

Sweet Courthouse Steps


Sometimes you just want something sweet.
Courthouse Steps is a pattern I found on Missouri Quilt Company's you tube videos.
I love Jenny's Videos!

Table Runner Fun


I have been working on a table runner using "Perfect Circles"
and Lori Holt's "Bloom" Templates.

Friendship Club


In our Quilt Group we have what is called Friendship Group.
We had a sign up and have 16 wonderful sewing women that
signed up. Each Woman get a month and when it your turn you pick a block
you want your friends to sew for you.

Favorite New Scrap Buster!

Do you have a bunch of left overs?
Want a fun project to use the up?

Let The Unpicking Begin!


Can you guess what I did wrong?
I love this quilt but I love it more the correct way......
Unpicking and a movie......


Welcome Home Fabric

This is my new favorite fabric!! I love it!

Spider Webs are Fun to Make

I had so much fun making this quilt!
It was a great to do an easy one. I loved working on this one.


Happy Friday To Ewe!

Happy Friday to Ewe!
Enjoy the 4th!



Favorite notions:
cute scissors,
creative grid ruler and
 Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley.
I Love Love Love these circles for appliqueing.
Perfect circles every time.
What are your Favorites....

Sewing Away!

I had the best weekend working a mini quilt for a swap.

Busy Busy Busy!

I love my sewing room! And I love my shelves that my husband made for me.

Yoyo's Are the Best Game!

I have become addicted to making yoyos. And with the yoyo makers they are so easy! 
This is the beginning of a table cloth I am so excited to get this done! This is just like a game. After I got 80 yoyo's done I sat at the table trying different ways to put them together.


Quilter's Anonymous Show

We went to the Quilt Show put on by the Quilter's Anonymous Guild
 at the Monroe Fairgrounds over the weekend
and there were so many beautiful quilts. I took several pictures to share.

Girly Planters


I love vintage planters!
We all have a few fun collections.
This one is going to be a pincushion and I can't wait to work on her.

This one holds the stir sticks in my office.

This is one of my favorites, she holds pencils and pens in my sewing room.

See how cute she is!

This one I made for my daughter Darcey.

Darcey gave me the one I use in my office.

She brought her to me with these flowers in her!

These are a few more I have, the dog and cat were my Grandmothers.
They were always on top of her fridge.
The lamb I found on EBay.
What do you collect?



Free Pattern Just Because!

 I love retro and make thing with 30's fabric. I know this red fabric isn't retro but it does match my kitchen. I  did this  Bread Bag a few years ago and now I use it to hold plastic bags so I thought would be a fun project to revisit.

I love Mug Rugs!

 I love mug rugs!
I love to make them.
I love to pin them on pinterest !
I love to see them on intragram.
I love mug rugs.
This is one of my patterns on Etsy.
Its easy to make and fun!
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